Klamath Chapter 
Oregon Hunter's Association

     ~ Protecting Oregon's Wildlife, Habitat and Hunting Heritage ~




Klamath OHA is seeking volunteers to help out on some projects at the Shasta View Community Center. If you would like to help with any of the following projects please contact Rick at (541) 591-2452.

List of projects that have to be accomplished; in order of its priority.

North roof flashing behind rain gutter needs repair and soffit trim needs to be repainted. Also north roof above cooler needs to be looked at as it looks like the roof is leaking somewhere.

Gravel is needed in some areas and a truck load needs to be hauled in.

The slope on east side of building needs to have fill dirt hauled in to make the slope uniform so it can be mowed easier.

West wall roof peak needs to be closed up to keep the birds from building nests.

The west side roof flashing needs wood added under it so the flashing can be fastened down.

East side roof flashing needs to be fastened down. The soffit trim on all sides needs to be scraped and painted.

The front door frame is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Complete Men's bathroom remodel.

Remount water cooler. May need new trim.

West wall foundation flashing needs to be replaced in one area.

Main room floor needs to be replaced.

Finish the Remodel of the kitchen - dishwasher and microwave. 

Outside storage building needs to be built. A design will have to be decided on by the board.

These projects will have to be done as the money allows. It will take all the members to volunteer if these projects are to get done. If you have specialized knowledge in any of these areas, your help would be especially appreciated!!